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Quality Service is Our Business

With forty years of experience, we have provided families with burial vaults and urn vaults. Our job is to protect your loved one, and to ensure their casket is safe.

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Why Have a Burial Vault?

Learn why burial vaults are safer, more effective, and more secure that a regular concrete vault.

Concrete Box vs. Our Lined & Sealed Burial Vaults

Important Facts For You

  • The preferred method for opening graves is by using a backhoe.
  • A vault is designed to protect your casket from downward soil pressure caused by the backhoe’s movement and operation.
  • Our vaults add strength to safeguard your casket from this soil pressure — 14,000 pounds of weight tolerance in fact!
  • Warranty is included, giving you extra peace of mind.

Ultimate Casket Protection

While you understand the need for a casket, you may not know the important role a burial vault plays

Trigard’s lined burial vaults are designed to hold the weight of the earth, and more importantly, to protect your loved one and casket investment after burial.

Trigard’s cover, the thickest in the industry, helps the vault withstand stress each vault incurs from delivery to interment.

Trigard’s Down and Out cover design helps distribute the weight of the soil to the vaults perimeter for a better seal.